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Leading in a virtual world

After two years of the COVID pandemic and a virtual work environment, employees are hungry to connect with their leaders and teammates, and are at or approaching burnout.  In the virtual environment, meetings are often scheduled back-to-back, with little time to

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Things Rarely Go As Planned

Team agility is incredibly important in order to respond to change and succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.  While I know this to be true after four decades of service in the military and business, I had the opportunity to

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Five Steps to Communicating During Times of Crisis

Effective communication is difficult in the best of times. During volatile, uncertain, complex and
ambiguous times, with many team members working remotely, communication becomes even more
difficult. Leaders who effectively communicate are intentional. They know that how they communicate
with team members can significantly impact performance morale, and results. Let’s break it down.

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What fuels you?

This weekend I’m going back to the Adirondack mountains to hike in the high peaks. Knowing that this trip lies ahead is fueling my week. I can’t wait. What about you? Where do you draw inspiration and how do you recharge? 

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Creating Alignment

Creating alignment is one of the greatest leadership challenges, particularly when leading large, dispersed teams through times of change. It is even more important during times of uncertainty with teammates working remotely. Alignment enables agility and speed. Misalignment leads to frustration,

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6 Ways Leaders Can Build Trust

Trust is an incredibly important ingredient in team performance, especially considering the current challenges and climate. As leaders, everything you do and say will either build or erode trust. It is one or the other. Trust takes time to build and is easily destroyed. Be intentional in your actions and with your word. Choose to build trust.

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