Batiste Leadership

One-on-One Coaching

Leadership coaching unlocks the true potential of the individual leader and accelerates them along their leadership journey. Coaching is a one-on-one approach to leadership development, with a focus on the needs of the individual coachee. Research has proven that coaching is highly effective at increasing leadership presence, conflict management, decision making quality, confidence and the ability to connect with others. Many leaders find that it gets lonely at the top.

A Coaching Relationship

The confidential coaching relationship supports and challenges the leader to be the best version of themselves, work through difficulties, and develop a heightened self-awareness. Coaching can be used to prepare high potentials by refining advanced leadership skills, support leaders who are struggling with relationships, or challenge leaders who feel stagnant and need a breakthrough. Ultimately, coaching enhances the leader’s effectiveness and capabilities, which directly impacts individual and team performance. 

We are certified coaches and coach according to the International Coaching Federation’s standards and guidelines.

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