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Leadership Development

A 2018 DDI study of over 1,000 CEOs around the world found that developing leaders was the number one concern for the year ahead. We understand why. Leadership can make or break your organizational success. The smartest strategy will fail without strong leadership to execute it, and to keep it going once the momentum fades.

Our Approach

At Batiste Leadership, we custom design our leadership training for each organization we work with. That way, we can ensure the approach, the stories, the key points of emphasis, and the personal growth align with the organization’s values, strategy, and leadership competencies. We typically break our leadership programs into three levels: emerging, developed, and advanced leader (see below). This allows us to challenge each person with the right learning material at the right time for their development. In other words, we don’t train an advanced leader the same way we train a middle-manager level leader. Values-based leadership is threaded through all our leadership programs, as participants develop and refine their personal leadership philosophy. Doing so ensures that participants don’t just learn new skills, but they change as a person as well.


The practicalities:

We primarily offer these programs on a face-to-face basis, but if a client has geographic spread and cannot take the time to bring everyone together, we offer instructor-led online training as well.

Emerging Leaders

This program is for entry level leaders or managers who need to learn the fundamentals of leadership. It is primarily directed at emerging or recently designated leaders who are transitioning from buddy to boss. The program helps new leaders start on a lifelong leadership journey that is grounded in values, seeks continual improvement, and develops others so they reach their potential.

Developed Leaders

For this second learning program, mid-level leaders are expected to take things up a notch. There is more of a focus here on leading a team, and on what it takes to build a high-performing team (psychological safety is introduced). Leaders build their emotional intelligence, and learn how to inspire others with a vision.

Advanced Leaders

The final leadership training program is for senior leaders who have a high-degree of influence in the organization, and have already attended the other two programs (or similar training). It builds on the learning in the other two programs, but is much more focused on how to build, nurture and protect a high performing culture by aligning team members around the organization’s mission, intent, and values. This time, instead of personally embracing change, the program focuses on how to lead others through change.

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