Batiste Leadership


( 2016 - 2017 )

Batiste Leadership worked with Wegmans Distribution Leadership Team to support their effort to build a stronger, aligned, more cohesive team. The leadership sought to engage in this Team Building initiative in order to more effectively lead the entire distribution division. The work was customized for Wegmans, incorporating the Wegmans core values and existing leadership tools. BL began with a team assessment and followed with seven customized team building sessions. BL helped to increase team alignment through the development of the distribution division’s Mission and Intent, which included strategic key requirements in order to achieve their desired end-state. From there, BL facilitated the group through dynamic discussions around team norms, expectations and processes. The team increased their overall psychological safety and effectiveness and refreshed their decision-making processes. After getting clear for themselves, the team rolled out their new intent to the division and made tangible steps towards establishing and measuring psychological safety.

( 2016 - 2018 )

Batiste Leadership worked with The Bonadio Group over three years to develop the capabilities of their leaders at all levels of the organization.  As strategic partners with The Bonadio Group, BL operated as a seamless extension of their team, incorporating all aspects of the Bonadio values and strategic priorities in our programing. The Bonadio Group is the largest accounting and consulting firm in NY and has over 800 employees across multiple locations. Over the course of the Leadership Development engagement, we worked with approximately 200 of their leaders, including emerging, developing and advanced leaders. In our last cohort, we worked closely with the Bonadio Management Committee to develop a joint program that included aspects of managing the business and leading people in order to prepare those participants to assume key leadership roles within the organization. As a result of our work, participants developed as individuals, learned how to empower their people and incorporate the Bonadio values in all they do.

( 2017 - 2018 )

Batiste Leadership worked closely with the key leaders at Germanow Simon Companies to support and accelerate their goal to align and decentralization the organization. The Decentralization and Empowerment engagement was a significant change initiative for the organization. The organization is comprised of two distinct companies with different product lines, located in separate buildings. Senior leaders wanted to establish the ‘GS way’ of doing things. The goal was to transform into a unified and empowered organization in order to prepare the company for the future. The project began by aligning the senior leadership team around a shared vision for success and equipping senior leaders across both companies with practical tools to lead differently and be more empowering. The change effort was rooted in the organization’s values and rolled out to the companies in a supported, tangible, and actionable way. Batiste Leadership also helped the organization standardize and incorporate the changes into the existing HR infrastructure. As a result of this effort, Germanow Simon has developed into a values-based, learning organization where team members are trusted, empowered and encouraged to take initiative. 

The Monroe County Sheriff Office engaged Batiste Leadership to support the organization in Setting Strategic Priorities and Accelerating Culture Change. The Sheriff sought to transform the organization into one where team members are empowered, live the values, and do the right thing in absence of supervision. Batiste Leadership worked with a cross-functional team assembled for this engagement that included representatives across all five departmental bureaus. To fully understand the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office strengths, weaknesses, and departmental subcultures, Batiste Leadership began with a Research Phase that included interviews with representatives in every department across the organization. Next, Batiste assembled the cross-functional team and used a dynamic process to draft the organization’s priorities towards becoming a diverse and empowered organization. Batiste Leadership built on the existing mission and values of the organization and helped accelerate them towards their vision of success.

Working with a new Executive Director of Veterans Outreach Center (VOC), Batiste Leadership help develop a strategic plan and road map for the future of the organization.  The Strategic Planning process was uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the leadership team and the board. The process began with a SWOT analysis that incorporated feedback from across the organization, culminating in a report that was disseminated to the strategic planning team. Using the report as the starting point, Batiste Leadership facilitated the development of the strategic plan that reflected the vision of the new ED, Board and team members. The plan built on the rich history of the organization, seamlessly articulating the way forward. The Batiste Leadership strategic planning process focused equally on culture and priorities in order to fully prepare the VOC for success. We know that culture can derail the best laid strategic plan. After the completion of the plan and Board approval, Batiste Leadership supported the VOC in the rollout of the plan.