What fuels you?

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This weekend I’m going back to the Adirondack mountains to hike in the high peaks. Knowing that this trip lies ahead is fueling my week. I can’t wait. What about you? Where do you draw inspiration and how do you recharge? 

If you’re like me, it’s easy to fall away from things that fill you up when life gets busy.  For example, I found plenty of time to hike before my kids were born. But over the past decade I just stopped. I’m sure you can relate. Recently, something shifted for me. Perhaps I was motivated by months of this pandemic and persistent uncertainty. The mountains called and I needed to go. After convincing my husband that this was a good idea, we dusted off our camping gear, loaded the kids and headed north.  I was secretly hopeful this was a good decision.  Would it be too much with the kids? What if it rained? We will return exhausted and regret we did it? Should I just stay home and focus on my work? 

I returned feeling centered, calm and inspired. And I notice a significant difference in my attitude, perspective and creativity.  It was incredibly special for me to share my love of the mountains with my kids. They did an awesome job, and impressed me with their endurance and strength.  

We are all experiencing these unprecedented, challenging times. Now, more than ever, we must each take responsibility for our own wellbeing. It is so important to spend time doing the things that fill you up. You will think clearer when tackling complex decisions if you take the time to reduce your own stress and anxiety levels first.  

How do you take time to reset and rejuvenate? What is calling you? Get intentional about rest and recovery so that you can bring the best version of you to the challenges that lie ahead. What commitment will you make for yourself? 


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