Batiste Leadership


We worked with Batiste Leadership for over the past three years to train and develop multiple levels of leaders in the firm and assist us in bringing to life our special culture. We have seen dramatic improvements in our leaders’ abilities to align and empower teams, which directly impacts business outcomes. We categorically endorse Batiste Leadership.
Bruce Zicari
CEO, The Bonadio Group
We partnered with Batiste Leadership to assist us in developing a culture of decentralization and empowerment. As a result of their work, our senior leadership team and managers are all aligned around our shared values and company goals. We are impressed with all we have accomplished and appreciate the value that Batiste Leadership brings to the company. They truly listen to us and offer a unique, authentic approach.
Colin Sheridan
President, Germanow-Simon Companies
We worked with Batiste Leadership to develop the VOC’s three-year strategic plan. The process was engaging, customized and thought-provoking. We worked through some of the greatest challenges facing the organization. They listened, captured and synthesized our discussions into tangible and actionable components of the plan. They also supported us with tools and techniques to live our values and bring our plan to life.
Laura Stradley
Executive Director, Veterans Outreach Center
I engaged with Batiste Leadership to help us empower our finance managers and build a stronger team. We learned how to align and encourage decision making at the appropriate level and were given practical tools that we were able to apply immediately. The experience changed the way I work and made me a more effective leader.
Laurie Ganon
CFO, United Way of Greater Rochester
We are working with Batiste Leadership to intentionally define and bring to life our culture of empowerment and initiative.  The process is completely tailored to our company and totally engaging. The momentum we are achieving is impressive.
Brett Lemcke
Vice President, RM Landscape
We engaged with Batiste Leadership to assist us in aligning and focusing our team around a culture of empowerment where initiative is expected and rewarded.  We appreciate their unique approach and ability to tailor the program to our needs.  We highly recommend Batiste Leadership to organizations committed to change.
Todd Baxter
Monroe County Sheriff
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