• Leadership is a journey
    for which there is no summit.

    As strategic thought partners,
    we exist to help you unleash
    the power and full potential of your team.

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This journey is about bringing out the best in people in order to achieve great results. As a partner on your journey, we exist to be of service and empower you to be your best.

Leadership Development

We believe that good leaders commit to a lifelong journey of personal growth. Leadership is like climbing a mountain for which there is no summit.

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Team Building and Alignment

With the foundation of leader development, the next step is to build team synergy.

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Leadership Coaching

To compliment leadership and team building workshops, Batiste Leadership offers individual coaching sessions as a vehicle to further develop individual skills and boost performance.

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Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

– John C. Maxwell

Leadership Programs

Our leadership learning program features 6-8 courses designed to bring out the potential leader within new managers, to enhance the leadership skills of existing leaders, and to inspire all leaders to be their best self in the service of the organization.

We offer three leadership programs, designed and customized for the emerging leader, developed leader or advanced leader.

The Batiste Leadership leader development process consists of three sequential learning programs. Values-based leadership is threaded through all learning programs, as participants develop and refine their leadership skills and personal leadership philosophy.

Keynotes and Presentations

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