Leadership is a journey for which there is no summit​​

We believe that leadership development is the journey that unleashes the true potential of individuals and organizations.  

We are a leadership company based in Rochester, New York. Upsate

You know where you want to take your team. We help you chart the path.

A collaborative process

Good leaders are good listeners.

We take the time to get to truly know your organization. By learning your team’s unique strengths and challenges, we tailor a program that’s specific to your goals. A lasting solution requires getting down to the root of a problem. We look forward to meeting you where you are, then helping you grow from there. 

Batiste leadership training in Upstate New York

Co-Creating with you, from point A to point B

Transformation is a collaborative process. We leverage our expertise to guide you in the right direction. At the end, you ultimately lead your team to success. By co-creating every step of the way, we’ll work together to take your organization to new heights.

Building a culture of trust and empowerment

When every member of your team knows their voices are heard and valued, alignment comes naturally. So, inclusivity is at the core of our process. We collaboratively work with your team as a whole because that’s the only way to create change that endures.

Our customized solutions that drive transformational change.

If you don’t have a destination, any path will get you there. Yes, a plan is needed to align and focus your team, but we believe that the planning process is even more important. Planning must be ongoing and dynamic. This ensures your team is agile and flexible enough to seize opportunities and anticipate volatile market conditions, come what may. 

Our strategic planning process starts with discovery, and this informs everything that follows. We’ll work with you to identify your organization’s purpose, desired future state, goals, values, and culture. We work with you to identify your high-level priorities and concrete measures of success, then we assist you in translating them into tactics and actionable tasks. 

You can’t truly revamp an organization by drafting a strategic plan once and letting it gather dust on the shelf. A successful strategic plan is kinetic. It gains momentum and adapts to any challenge. It’s proactive and collaborative. We’ll work with you – continuously – to cultivate transformational change.  
The culture of any organization must be continuously tended to. This requires persistent care, consideration, and attention. You have to define the kind of culture you want, instill it, then consistently work to ensure that it’s nurtured and protected. 

We’ll help you to define your team’s values and cultural aspirations. We do this by prioritizing your desired culture in your strategic plan. This process requires a high degree of cross-functional collaboration. Senior leaders of your organization will spearhead the effort – not only to bring this culture to life, but also to set the standard and maintain it.
Every leader is climbing a mountain for which there is no summit. In other words, a leader’s work is never done; there will always be room for improvement. 

Our leadership development program is tailored to the specific needs of your organization, and it trains leaders at every level. We focus on combining the skills needed to build a culture of trust and empowerment with disciplined initiative. We’ll coach your leaders, helping them map out their own unique and effective leadership styles through one-on-one coaching sessions.

A team is only as strong as its leaders. By training and supporting these individuals, we’ll assist you to create a more stable and efficient organization.
We believe that when someone new joins your team, you have a new team. Building trust and strong relationships is crucial to creating an agile organization committed to collaboration, horizontal alignment, and communication. But, once again, this is an ongoing process. 

Together, we’ll assess (and reassess) the state of your team. By continuously co-creating an adaptive program, we’ll strengthen your team’s ability to collaboratively reach your desired future state.
A good keynote address can inspire work and reflection that leads to transformational change. 

We offer a wide variety of keynote address solutions designed to engage and empower your team. By harnessing our unique experiences as leaders, alongside tried-and-true leadership principles, we’ll help you spark the initiative, purpose, and excitement necessary to guide your organization to its next plateau. 

Nice to meet you

In addition to all our professional qualifications and experiences, we are down-to-earth, humble people who will intently listen and seek and incorporate feedback. We believe that you are the experts on your organization and community. We seek to partner with you in support of your aspirations and goals. We are successful only when you are successful. We commit to high standards and won’t stop until the job is done. 

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