Batiste Leadership

Leadership is a journey for which there is no summit.

We specialize in helping organizations intentionally build cultures of trust and empowerment and enable team members to take initiative in productive ways. 

We are passionate about leadership!

We know that leadership makes a significant impact on the success of the team and trajectory of the organization. Successful leaders are not only incredibly competent, but they also have an ability to align others around a shared purpose and common goal. They care deeply for the people they lead and are committed to the continuous development of their team and organization.

What are our clients looking for?

Often, leaders and team members are stuck in old habits that no longer serve the team or organization. They have to step out of their comfort zone and try new leadership tools and techniques. They know they need to change, but want support in navigating the change.

Organizations can cap their growth when leaders are responsible for too much day to day work and not enough long-term strategic thinking. Leaders face numerous demands at work and home, and must therefore maximize their time, energy, and the potential of their teams. When leaders are reluctant to delegate and prefer to do it all themselves, they also stifle the growth of other leaders. As a result, work is bottlenecked as team members wait for approval to act. Leaders come to us to prepare the organization for future growth.

High Performing Teams

Misalignment around task and purpose leads to misunderstandings, conflict and wasted time and energy. Leaders come to us wanting practical tools to build high performing teams that are aligned around task, purpose and values.


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Do you share our belief that leadership is a life-long journey? Are you ready to make a significant step forward for yourself and the people you lead? If this sounds like you and your team then let’s get started!